Delivering safe, effective therapies without a clinical trial

Using immune organoids and AI to design drugs that work in people from the start.
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Our Mission

Human immunology

Immunotherapies are the future of medicine

  • There is no healing that is not performed by the immune system - it literally touches every disease and drug action in our bodies
  • Immunotherapies use the immune system to heal us rather than the overpowered chemical hammers of traditional drugs
  • We have just begun to unlock the promise of immunotherapies - and organoids are the key.
Animals Don’t Work

Pharmaceutical development is a risky, inefficient process plagued by expensive, uncertain outcomes

  • Animals and humans have different biology - animals make poor models for humans
  • Pre-clinical animal studies are used to predict clinical human success - even though we know that this doesn’t work
  • $2.5 billion, 10-15 years, and 110 million animals killed to develop each drug - and 95% never make it to patients
  • Transcending animal models is necessary to discover the next generation of therapies for humans
Better tech exists

Faster, cheaper, better: take all three. Remove the cruelty and add a dash of massive scale. 

  • Immune organoids are functioning in-vitro replicas of human lymph nodes that can be scaled using high-throughput automation
  • An entire diverse population of functioning human immune systems enable zero-risk, fully-ethical development of therapies
  • Therapies essentially designed and tested in humans - but without endangering actual humans
  • Organoids are ready and the FDA is pushing for change
Organoids + AI

We are the first company in the world to use immune organoids and AI to design drugs that work in people from the start

  1. The massive scale of organoid populations generates novel immune training data at unprecedented rates
  2. Proprietary, novel immune data is used to drive AI-powered drug discovery
  3. AI-discovered drug candidates can be verified in vitro, across a massive population - creating a whole new type of clinical trial
  4. Verified candidates can be confidently and quickly moved to market with little of the traditional risk and a fraction of the traditional costs

Organoids are
the future of pharma

Our dual focus on scaling human immunology while also replacing animal models will transform immunotherapy discovery and treat previously untreatable diseases.

Turning drug makers into optimists

95% of drugs never see the light of day.
By shifting immunotherapy discovery into organoids we will be discovering drugs in humans, radically raising the chance that a drug makes it to patients.

Faster, cheaper, and better drugs

Shaving $2B and 9 years of each drug program means faster time-to-market at lower cost for pharma.
Using human data on day one means more effective therapies with lower side-effects become the norm.

A healthier world for everyone

Faster, more efficient drug pipelines means more therapies for more diseases make it to people.
Diverse organoids mean that therapies reach every population in the world faster.

What We Do

We actively work with the world’s biggest pharma and biotech companies.

With one technology we solve many problems: It is the only technology that delivers true human immune response outside of a patient.


Predict drug safety in a diverse representation of the population to create better medications

Disease Modeling

Create realistic, patient matched models of disease that surpasses everything that exists today

Target Discovery

Use healthy and disease organoids to identify novel causes and targets for new drug programs

About Us

The immune system is the master regulator of health and disease. Medicines that target the immune system – called immunotherapies – are the most effective drugs we’ve ever developed, whether it’s a new cancer therapy that rapidly kills tumors or a vaccine that prevents us from getting sick in the first place. Therefore, immunotherapies will be the future of medicine as they continue to be developed and deployed.
Join us on our journey as we create new tools to push the boundaries of what is possible.