Welcome to Parallel Bio

We created a human immune system in a dish to discover immunotherapies more likely to work in patients.

We have a vision of the future of human medicine. To create this future, we will change the way we cure disease by designing and engineering better tools that are inspired by human biology.

What does this future look like?

Medicine should be easy. It shouldn’t be harder to make a new drug than a new microchip, and this means having the best models, methods, and tools to rapidly find cures for what ails us.

Animals aren’t used for research. Endlessly sacrificing animals that poorly model human disease is unethical, and we need to be bold enough to develop methods and tools that respect their lives while improving and extending ours.

Pharmaceuticals look radically different. By shifting the focus from drugs to disease models, and encouraging creativity and design to aspects of medicine outside of drug discovery, we will dramatically re-imagine how an entire industry works.

Our first step to creating this future is to deploy our best-in-class human immune organoids to rapidly accelerate the discovery and development of immunotherapies, cell therapies, antibody therapies, and vaccines. The immune system is the master regulator of health and disease. Being able to model this master regulator in a dish will lead to novel insights of human biology that we’ll leverage to cure the diseases impacting us the most.

Join us on our journey.

Robert & Juliana, Co-Founders of Parallel Bio